About Us

Our History

In 1965, founder Virginia Weatherbie established Valley Interfaith using limited resources to provide food and clothing to our neighbors. Over the past five decades, with the help of hundreds of volunteers and the support of our community, we have grown from a church basement operation into today’s 501(c)(3) agency. Visit our history to learn more!

Meet The Team

Our dynamic team of Board trustees, staff, and volunteers are the backbone of our success. Committed to building a better community, hundreds of volunteers donate their time to working with their neighbors.

If you are interested in giving your time, check out our volunteer openings or view opportunities to join our team!

Board of Trustees

Skip Koesterman


Ed Maynard


Leslie Joseph


Jan Harper-Jackson


Steve Leugers


Noel Beyer


Kurt Marty


Rob Shank


Advisory Board

Lt. Elena Moton

Dr. Alan Robinson

Michael Mestemaker

Jeffrey Black

Allan Schneider

Dr. Ron Arundell

Isaac Wright

Capt. Gregory Jones

Brad Glazer

Brian Redden, Esq.