building from street


 Virginia Weatherbie founded and directed Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing Center for more than 30 years. A truly unique & selfless person, she dedicated decades of her life to the welfare of the Center. 

In 1963 a young family came to The Church of the Ascension and Holy Trinity asking for help. By 1965 the Wyoming Presbyterian Women’s Guild filled two closets in the basement of the Wyoming Presbyterian Church with food and other needed items. In the mid-1970s the churches organized their efforts into the “Valley Food and Clothing Bank” and in 1977 provided 50 Christmas baskets. By 1979, the Bank was serving approximately 150 people yearly “by appointment”. In September of 1982 we moved to Friendship Methodist Church where we operated for the next 13 years. By 1995, we were ready to move into the newly established Valley Caring Center, located at our current address 420 W. Wyoming Ave in Lockland. For 10 years VIFCC operated out of the back of the Valley Caring Center, and in 2005 moved into the newly remodeled front space due to growing need. Since then, Valley Interfaith has grown into the operation it is today, hiring our first paid employee in 2000. With the commitment of hundreds of volunteers and few paid staff, we have continued to expand our capacity to better serve our community. In 2017, after months of working with a strategic planning professional, we unveiled a new strategic plan and announced a new organization name, Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center.

2005 Remodel of the Valley Caring Center