Volunteers are the most precious resource for Valley Interfaith!
Our volunteers are crucial to achieving our mission.
We offer several opportunities to give your time to our organization.

Ready to join our team?
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Alicia Stollenwerk,
by email or by phone (513)821-3233 ext. 7,
to learn more or schedule a tour,
or Submit a volunteer application online.

Become A Regular

Our regularly scheduled volunteers are the backbone of our work. Our daily services are largely provided by our dedicated team of generous volunteers, many of whom are regularly scheduled for one shift per week. We can always use volunteers in every position, from shopping with clients in our food pantry or clothing area to sorting donations & restocking our shelves throughout the day!

Regularly scheduled volunteer positions:

Front Desk Receptionist

The front desk receptionist is the first volunteer the client meets.  If the client is new, the receptionist gives them an application to complete and refers them to an interviewer.  For returning clients,  the front desk receptionist begins the process for food, clothing, or financial services.  Duties include welcoming the client, entering data into our computer system, and filing. Ability to use a computer, work in a fast pace environment, and solve problems as they arise are essential.   People skills and a smile are an asset!

Phone Receptionist
The phone receptionist answers incoming phone calls, returns general calls, and connects callers with community resources as needed. Ability to operate phones and interact with callers are necessary. Computer skills are not needed. volunteers1

Pantry (or Warehouse)
Pantry volunteers work with clients to choose the pantry items that are right for their family. Duties include interaction with clients and following USDA guidelines for pantry selections. Duties may include restocking pantry shelves throughout the day. Computer skills are not needed. Pantry warehouse volunteers help load, unload and sort incoming deliveries of food, must be able to lift 50 lbs.

Clothing (or Sorter)
Clothing volunteers work with clients to choose the items that are right for their family, including size and color, in addition to household items such as curtains, sheets, towels and blankets, as requested. Duties include interaction with clients and following our guidelines for selections. Computer skills are not needed. Clothing sorters help sort the large volumes of incoming donations to be disbursed or stored. The large amount of donations received makes sorting a vital task!

Pantry Drivers
Pantry drivers make daily pick-ups and deliveries. Must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to lift up to 50lbs.


Responsibilities are to meet with new clients for entrance interview and meet with existing clients requesting emergency financial funds.  Interviewers review completed applications, request supporting documentation and approve the application for emergency financial funds. Interviewers may be required to contact local utility companies or the client’s landlord to negotiate a minimum payment to maintain service or housing and, when satisfied, write a check to the agency.  Ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and computer skills are essential. Social Service, Human Resources, or Customer Service experience helpful, but not necessary.

Child Supervision

Our Neighbors Empowered Program provides on-site child supervision in our Children’s Playroom once a week for 2.5 hours during a group workshop. Parents of all children enrolled remain on-site during the workshop, while their children are supervised nearby. The Children’s Playroom is staffed by no less than three volunteers and all volunteers supervising children are required to complete a background check. Experience with children is strongly preferred. Tutors or homework helpers are greatly appreciated.

Other Opportunities

Volunteers are also needed for computer data entry, participating in or managing special programs, as well as a variety of other important support activities. Click here for opportunities to join our team as a volunteer seasonal program coordinator.

Temporary or Seasonal

Holiday Sharing Program Seasonal Volunteers
Holiday Sharing Program Seasonal Volunteers

We can accommodate volunteers available seasonally or interested in donating a limited amount of time. Our seasonal programs create additional opportunities for those interested in volunteering annually. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss availability.


Special Groups
Projects and seasonal programs are perfect for special volunteer groups interested in giving their time to our organization. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss opportunities and scheduling.

Meeting the Work Requirement (WEP)
We have opportunities for individuals who must meet the work requirement to continue to receive SNAP food assistance. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.